Super Bowl Party

About one week ago Chris‘ family organized a Super Bowl-party. Nearly everybody went over to watch Super Bowl, the biggest and most celebrated football event in America. As for me ,  I had heard of it before , but I actually had never seen it. Two or three hours before the party Brennan’s mom was making chocolate chip cookies and I kinda helped her. Sort of. Not really. We then went to the party but Super Bowl wasn’t about to start in like one and a half hour so we went ahead and started eating some snacks. After there was only like half of the buffet left, we played „Cards against Humanity“. 3 words. So. Much. Fun. While the moderators were still talking about their expectations, the group went into the garage and played ping pong. We sucked at it so much that we had to search for the balls like nearly all the time. I then literally watched 15 minutes of Super Bowl, 10 of them being the famous Super Bowl commercials, which were actually pretty good. The five minutes I had seen from the game though made me go back to playing ping pong. We then ate the rest of the buffet and didn’t really realize that Super Bowl was already over and the Seattle Seahawks won. Yeah. I think. All in all it was a pretty good party and I learned that even for Americans the Super Bowl is most likely just a big party. A really nice party, that made us all come closer together.

Jesse-Stuart Wiosna

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