A sailing cruise

On saturday we woke up really earliy to meet the other GAPP students Richard and Chris with his family to go on a sailing trip.We drove from Pleasanton to Richmond.There we met up with Chris dad and grandparents,who own a sailboat.We got on the boat at 11 in the morning.The sun was shining and there great weather.We sailed from Richmond across the San Francisco Bay to Angel Island.This is a little island and a National Park in the middle of the bay.On Angel Island we sat around a picknick table and ate some sandwiches,snecker doodle (the same like cookies) and chips.After our lunch we sailed from Angel Island the coast of San Francisco.We had a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge,the Bay Bridge and the skyline of San Francisco.This was a great moment to take a lot of really nice pictures.While sailing back to Richmond we passed by Alcatraz and Fisherman’s Wharft.It was cool to see it from the bay because we had visited it,already.
On the way back we used the motor all the time and the most of us fell asleep.
It was a great day at the bay with the best Californian weather and we had a lot of fun.
By : Timon Orlick

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