Thursday to Saturday

On Thursday was the first day where we had to give our presentations. I had to do that five times to the same teacher, but the technique in her classroom did not work. So I had to present without Power Point until one student was able to help. After that hard school day I went with Spencer, my exchange partner and some friends to the Stoneridge Mall. There we ate some food at a Mexican restaurant and then we went home.

Friday was the first day at school where I had my own timetable with the interesting subjects German, History, Ceramics, English and PE. The most exciting subject on this day was Ceramics, because you don’t write tests or anything like that in this subject. You only have to work with clay and so it is very relaxing. After Lunch break my German group and I rode to the city center of our little town Pleasanton where we got a long sightseeing tour with Mrs Jackson through the city. At the end of the tour Mrs Jackson bought an ice cream for all of us because we were so „brave“. From the city center our host parents drove us home and later from home to the Potluck dinner at Foothill High School. There I ate a lot of food from different countries like Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese and American food.

On Saturday my host family and I rode to Santa Cruz and to the beach. When we got there we went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk where we rode roller coasters like the Giant Dipper which was built in 1924. After that we ate delicious pineapple whip and a corndog which is pineapple flavored ice cream and a hot dog covered in corn meal batter and fried in oil. Then I put on my trunks because I wanted to swim in the Pacific Ocean and I want to tell you that I was the only person who did that because the water was so cold. When I finished my swimming we had dinner on the pier and there we saw a wonderful sunset.

Konrad Kupfer

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