Trip to SF – City College & Asian Art Museum


Today (02/04/16) we took a trip to San Francisco on train.
We met on the West Dublin/Pleasanton BART station at 9 o’clock.
The journey wasn’t really long. Only appr. 30 minutes.
But at the time when we arrived San Francisco we lost Kevin and Mrs. Urbaniak. So we had to wait at the train station.
It wasn’t really bad. It was just a bit funny.
After the little incident we went to the City College of San Francisco.
A man and a woman talked about the College and explained some interesting things.
Later we were on the roof and had a really nice view of SF.

Then it was lunchtime and we could go and eat in little groups of a four.

After that we went to the Asian Art Museum.
We didn’t have a guided tour.
So we had two hours time to walk around, take pictures and talk.
In my opinion it was really nice.
There were amazing pieces of art but also some funny and unreal sculptures.
But it was my first art museum that I’ve seen for more than 20 minutes (like MoMA in NYC).

At 5:00 pm we was back in Pleasanton.

At the end I can say it was a nice day that I will never forget because of those guys.