The first day in New York

We all awaked early in the morning in the centre of Manhattan. The tributes of Jet leg and the, let’s call them interesting and/or historic,  rooms of hotel were written all over our faces. We started our first day in New York with American breakfast in a Deli near the hotel.

American omelet






After we finished French toast, grilled sandwiches and pancakes we visited Times Square.

Times Square1Times Square2Times Square3

The next stop was in Central Park to take photos of American squirrels and to feed them with potato crisps. Central Park

After that we walked through the Upper Eastside. The sentence of the day: „Also auf den Fotos sah das immer schöner aus.“(Sarah Dorant)

Upper Eastside

On our way back to the hotel we visited the Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA) and got the great chance to see among others  Picassos or Van Goghs.


All in all it was a nice and sunny day although it was very cold.

Finally I am proud to tell that we managed to walk about 29km this day.