Heading to jail

On the 25th of January the whole group took the BART to go to San Francisco. After that we walked to the Alcatraz Ferry. The weather was beautiful. The view from the ferry was awesome. We could see the Golden Gate Bridge and the Alcatraz island. On the island we got an introduction which also included something about the history of the island. After that we split into small groups. I think the most groups started with the east path because the view was wonderful. We saw the skyline of San Francisco and the San Francisco- Oakland Bay Bridge. The path ended at the Cell house. We Got some audio guides. The tour was very interesting and everything was explained well. I think the fascinating stories about the escapes had been the best. In order to go to the mainland we went back by the ferry. Our next step was to go to Pier 39. We had lunch there and saw the seals of Pier 39. In the afternoon we went to the cable car station and rode with it along the steep roads of San Francisco. After that we used the BART to get back to Pleasanton and most of the students went to Martina’s typical American birthday party. At the party we ate pizza, cupcakes and ice cream and watched a film.