Second day in New York

Today we walked to the Empire State Building. The weather was sonny and not cloudy. We saw the Empire State Building very early because it is really high. We went to the top by elevator. The view was so GREAT. I hoped that the time wouldn’t end  We saw the skyline of New York, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and our hotel and other buildings or skyscrapers. You can go to the 102nd level but you need a special ticket. The most of us took photos and after that they went downstairs to the shop. After a little shopvisit we went out of the Empire State Building. After the visit we walked to the pier. The bad thing was that the pier was closed. So we went to lunch. We ate all something and after the lunch we met to go on the Brooklyn Bridge. The Bridge was very beautiful and big. We walked a little way over the bridge. The view was very nice. The most of us liked to go home and we walked home.
This was our second day 
Paulius Stucinskas