Second day in New York

Today we walked to the Empire State Building. The weather was sonny and not cloudy. We saw the Empire State Building very early because it is really high. We went to the top by elevator. The view was so GREAT. I hoped that the time wouldn’t end  We saw the skyline of New York, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and our hotel and other buildings or skyscrapers. You can go to the 102nd level but you need a special ticket. The most of us took photos and after that they went downstairs to the shop. After a little shopvisit we went out of the Empire State Building. After the visit we walked to the pier. The bad thing was that the pier was closed. So we went to lunch. We ate all something and after the lunch we met to go on the Brooklyn Bridge. The Bridge was very beautiful and big. We walked a little way over the bridge. The view was very nice. The most of us liked to go home and we walked home.
This was our second day 
Paulius Stucinskas

Museum of Modern Art and Staten Island Ferry

Today we woke up early in the morning. At 9:30 am we went to Ground Zero by Metro. The weather was wet, rainy and foggy. So most time we didn‘t see the highest points of the skysrapers. At Ground Zero were waterfalls, where the buildings were destroyed. There is a museum too, but it will open in spring time. After Ground Zero we walked to the Staten Island Ferry. The ferry was free and we drove to Staten Island . By the way we saw Elis Island and the Statue of Liberty . The bad thing was that the weather was very foggy!!! After the visit in Staten Island we drove back. Our last point was the Museum of Modern Art. It was free too. At the Museum we saw lots of art, for example painting art, photographic art, statue art,…. It was very interesting. The museum closed 5:30 pm. We drove back by metro and ate something to dinner.
It was again an interesting day.
Paulius Stucinskas

First day in New York

Today we drove to New York by train. It was a really long trip. We drove 4 and a half hours. We came to the trainstation in downtown at 3:45 pm. In the station were many many humans which was very stressful. When we came out of the staion I saw NY the first time. There are so many skyscrapers !!! I lovet it. We went to the hotel and checked in. After that some of us went to eat something or to look at the city. In the evening we walked to the Time Square. There were lots of promotions and lights. We walked to look at the shops and the Time Square. After this trip we went back to the hotel by Metro.
It was a great day!!!!
Paulius Stucinskas

Trip to the Golden Gate Bridge

On this Saturday morning we ate our breakfast at 9:00 am, because we wanted to go to the Golden Gate Bridge. When I saw the Golden Gate Bridge I was fascinated. The Bridge is the longest bridge I have ever seen. So we drove over the bridge. On the other side we took some pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Skyline of San Francisco. We drove down to Sausalito for lunch. On the way back we drove down the steep streets of San Francisco. That was a crazy feeling.
Paul Stritzel

Monterey and Point Lobos

On the 6th of February we went on a field trip to Point Lobos and Monterey. At first we went on a „self-guided sea lion walk“. The landscape was beautiful and it was raining a little. We went on a loop around the peninsula. we saw otters and heard sea lions but did not get to see one of them. But it was a very good trip anyway because the landscape was so beautiful, trees covered in red moss, amazing cliffs and neat forests. Later on we went to a small beach in this area which is called “ hidden beach“. There we saw some amazing wave pools and we got a little muddy walking around there. After we had walked back to the cars and cleaned our shoes, we drove to Monterey and had lunch. Then we walked around Monterey on the “ Path of History“. There were some rather old houses that had overcome earthquakes, but you can’t look around it on the inside because they are not earthquake-proof. This was our day in Monterey. We have had a lot of fun and enjoyed the nature.

Richard Woelfer

Super Bowl Party

About one week ago Chris‘ family organized a Super Bowl-party. Nearly everybody went over to watch Super Bowl, the biggest and most celebrated football event in America. As for me ,  I had heard of it before , but I actually had never seen it. Two or three hours before the party Brennan’s mom was making chocolate chip cookies and I kinda helped her. Sort of. Not really. We then went to the party but Super Bowl wasn’t about to start in like one and a half hour so we went ahead and started eating some snacks. After there was only like half of the buffet left, we played „Cards against Humanity“. 3 words. So. Much. Fun. While the moderators were still talking about their expectations, the group went into the garage and played ping pong. We sucked at it so much that we had to search for the balls like nearly all the time. I then literally watched 15 minutes of Super Bowl, 10 of them being the famous Super Bowl commercials, which were actually pretty good. The five minutes I had seen from the game though made me go back to playing ping pong. We then ate the rest of the buffet and didn’t really realize that Super Bowl was already over and the Seattle Seahawks won. Yeah. I think. All in all it was a pretty good party and I learned that even for Americans the Super Bowl is most likely just a big party. A really nice party, that made us all come closer together.

Jesse-Stuart Wiosna


A little party for the GAPP group after a week for our welcome

On Friday the 31st 2014 we had a potluck at Foothill High School. All GAPP students , respectively their parents, brought something to eat and to drink. So we had a variety of food from all cultures. Mrs Fleming gave expressions of thanks to all parents, students and teachers for their help, food and drink. Also the Vice Principal came to the potluck. He thanked for help and wished all a good party. We all ate a lot of food this night. There were salads, rice with chicken, seafood, meat, noodles and so much more. Later we took a picture with all GAPP students. On this potluck night we all had a lot of fun and the food was really good. So this night is still in our memory.

Virginia Thieltges

A sailing cruise

On saturday we woke up really earliy to meet the other GAPP students Richard and Chris with his family to go on a sailing trip.We drove from Pleasanton to Richmond.There we met up with Chris dad and grandparents,who own a sailboat.We got on the boat at 11 in the morning.The sun was shining and there great weather.We sailed from Richmond across the San Francisco Bay to Angel Island.This is a little island and a National Park in the middle of the bay.On Angel Island we sat around a picknick table and ate some sandwiches,snecker doodle (the same like cookies) and chips.After our lunch we sailed from Angel Island the coast of San Francisco.We had a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge,the Bay Bridge and the skyline of San Francisco.This was a great moment to take a lot of really nice pictures.While sailing back to Richmond we passed by Alcatraz and Fisherman’s Wharft.It was cool to see it from the bay because we had visited it,already.
On the way back we used the motor all the time and the most of us fell asleep.
It was a great day at the bay with the best Californian weather and we had a lot of fun.
By : Timon Orlick

Thursday to Saturday

On Thursday was the first day where we had to give our presentations. I had to do that five times to the same teacher, but the technique in her classroom did not work. So I had to present without Power Point until one student was able to help. After that hard school day I went with Spencer, my exchange partner and some friends to the Stoneridge Mall. There we ate some food at a Mexican restaurant and then we went home.

Friday was the first day at school where I had my own timetable with the interesting subjects German, History, Ceramics, English and PE. The most exciting subject on this day was Ceramics, because you don’t write tests or anything like that in this subject. You only have to work with clay and so it is very relaxing. After Lunch break my German group and I rode to the city center of our little town Pleasanton where we got a long sightseeing tour with Mrs Jackson through the city. At the end of the tour Mrs Jackson bought an ice cream for all of us because we were so „brave“. From the city center our host parents drove us home and later from home to the Potluck dinner at Foothill High School. There I ate a lot of food from different countries like Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese and American food.

On Saturday my host family and I rode to Santa Cruz and to the beach. When we got there we went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk where we rode roller coasters like the Giant Dipper which was built in 1924. After that we ate delicious pineapple whip and a corndog which is pineapple flavored ice cream and a hot dog covered in corn meal batter and fried in oil. Then I put on my trunks because I wanted to swim in the Pacific Ocean and I want to tell you that I was the only person who did that because the water was so cold. When I finished my swimming we had dinner on the pier and there we saw a wonderful sunset.

Konrad Kupfer