Erster Tag in der amerikanischen Schule

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Heute war der erste Tag in der Schule :) Es war ganz anders als in Deutschland 😮  In manchen Stunden haben die Schueler mehr Freiheiten als bei uns! Die amerikanische Lehrer sind alle freundlich und aufgeschlossen zu uns . Die Hofpause ist auch Klasse: man kann sich etwas zu essen kaufen, man kann sich in die Sonne setzen (oder in den Schatten der Baeume). Ueberall auf dem Schulgelaende stehen Tische in Gruppen, wo man mit Freunden sitzen kann. :) Der Tag war einsame Spitze:)


On Tuesday  the 28th we had our first day of school. One big plus was that we could sleep longer than we can in  Germany. I and my host family had to drive to school at 7:40. In Germany  I usually leave the house at 7 am. When we got there we went to Mrs. Fleming’s room at first. All the GAPP students met there. We could eat donuts and bagels and drink juice. It was really delicious. After some welcoming words from Mrs. Fleming we split into little groups so the Americans could show us their school. It is so big that it took us more than an hour and I think we still haven’t seen everything. Instead of one big building they have many small ones with class rooms. They also got a football ground, a baseball stadium, even a swimming pool. Mrs. Scheremetjew liked the library the best. Think of our library. Actually just a class rooms with more books in it than usual. They got an extra building for it, with many many books and also some computers. We were also able to peek in some classes. They don’t have normal music classes with music theory, they play instruments and have different bands. I really liked what we got to hear. And also, they class rooms look so personal. There are posters all around or quotes on the wall. And lets not forget about the American flag which you can actually find in many rooms. After we ended our tour we could shadow our partners, which means we went to their classes with them. On my way i saw  a lot of people in sweatpants and even in pajamas. I couldn’t imagine that at our school. Students are even allowed to eat and use their phone in the classes. Nobody cared. The classes were interesting to watch but I think it gets boring after a while as they have the same six periods everyday . Lunch was also interesting as there is so much to choose from. All in all it was an exciting first day.

Christin Jahn

San Francisco

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Heute waren wir in San Francisco!  😉 Die Stadt war einfach nur schoen und das Wetter auch :) Wir haben sehr viel von der wunderschönen Stadt im Norden von Kalifornien gesehen und Alcatraz war auch einsame Klasse 😉 Viele Grüße aus San Francisco 😀